Trog! (Also known as 'Og' - Commodore Amiga)

All games on this page are free to download and play on an emulator of your choice - download links below.

"Og!" (originally called "Trog") was the second game I wrote for the Amiga. It was a fairly short, sideways-scrolling game in the Wonderboy style. It used pixel-perfect collision detection routines and ran in 32-colour mode. I revisited it later and made a much more colourful AGA version which had 64 colours, much smoother sky colours and screen fades, and a 1-bit parallax background layer.

Outside of the game itself, it's really not very polished, and has pretty awful music (that's the downside of doing eveything yourself!).

Standard version


Download as:

Amiga DMS format

Amiga ADF format

AGA version

Unfortunately, my Amiga Hard Drive seems to have died, and I can't find a version on floppy disc. So for now, this version is officially lost.

This has now been located, and is available to download below!

It has a pretty horrible title screen, and my continued apologies for the music. It's definitely prettier though.

Enhanced AGA version (A1200/A4000)


Download as:

Amiga ADF format